January Updates

Hey everyone!

We all hope you have had a great holiday season. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get a second phase plan in place and to continue to build excitement around The DogeX brand. While this took longer than we expected, the beginning of Phase 2 is in sight and we wanted to share some new details with you!

Website Redesign


The website is currently being updated and redesigned to reflect our 2022 mission. Intricacy of information will be substantial and will help with optics for new investors. We are very excited to show you the redesign and it should be done in the next few days!

DogeX Jr

After heavy discussion, we have decided to reveal DogeX Jr in waves. We are fine-tuning the meta data batches right now and should have it live by Wednesday or Thursday. When this function is live the first 1500 will be revealed. Once that is complete, the next reveals will come out in batches of 1000. We believe this to be the best way to keep a certain level of mystery and also ensure metadata privacy.

Utility Token

The much-awaited announcement of our tradable/(STEAK)(able) utility token! The rumors are true!

As a part of introducing our $DOGEX utility token, Dogex NFTs will be eligible to claim a free token airdrop. More to come on how rarer Dogex will be eligible to claim a greater airdrop based on systematic rewards multipliers. Furthermore, we will be introducing staking, where users can stake their DOGEX NFTs to recieve a fixed amount of $DOGEX tokens everyday.

Q2/3 2022 Game

We are very excited to explore gaming options for our NFT collection(s!) Currently, we are interested in the concept of an 8bit game that will allow for playing through DOGEX lore, earning utility tokens, and perhaps integrating staking options as well.




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